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Divorce need not cost an arm and a leg! Call Broward County divorce lawyer, Howard Butler, at (954) 797-5338 for Free phone or sit-down consultation. Butler Law Firm is writing the book on affordable divorce. We also offer an inexpensive flat fee for uncontested divorce.

Searching for a Divorce Lawyer in Broward County?

As a Broward County divorce lawyer, I am compassionate for individuals considering divorce. I am even more sympathetic if you were suddenly surprised that a divorce is in your future. Whether you were recently surprised –or– if you’ve been considering divorce for a while, likely you feel overwhelmed. Most of my clients must juggle work, kids, monthly bills, the busyness of everyday life, and now you’re searching for a divorce lawyer!

Should you decide to honor me to handle your case as your divorce lawyer, I want you to know that I will not hand your case off another attorney, paralegal, or staff. I will be your attorney. I promise to take the necessary time to work with you; to help you get through this season in your life. I will keep in touch by phone and email to keep you informed about your divorce case every step of the process.

Call me (954) 797-5338. Let’s talk. Free and confidential. Let’s review what’s going on in your life and brainstorm your options. You have questions. Hopefully, I can provide you concise answers. And, yes, you can ask me about costs and how I can help you with that.

Fort Lauderdale Uncontested Divorce

Save Money with Uncontested Divorce If you and your spouse can agree on everything, you can save a lot of money! I offer low-cost legal representation for couples who agree to file for uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce is where each party is agreeable –or in a sit-down meeting can work through issues needing compromise, to where both spouses ‘agree’ about everything without the necessity of the court’s involvement. If you can agree about property division, child custody, child timesharing, spousal support (if necessary), there would be no need for an expensive trial: no attorney litigation fees to pay!

The cost savings afforded you by following through on an uncontested divorce are significant. Moreover, an uncontested divorce will prove to be fast, easy and less emotionally stressful because you CHOOSE to avoid conflict.

The Uncontested Divorce Process – As your South Florida uncontested divorce lawyer, I will either represent EITHER the husband or the wife, but not both. A divorce lawyer cannot advise the party who is not being represented. In these cases, often the other party will represent themselves (called: “pro se”). While I can only represent one party, I am able to meet with both parties. At those meetings, I will make it very clear that I cannot give legal advice to the un-represented spouse.

As your Broward County uncontested divorce lawyer, I will work for you – the spouse who hires me for representation. For you, the represented spouse, I will review the issues of your divorce case and then prepare all necessary documents to initiate your divorce. After our primary meeting, I will prepare a preliminary marital settlement agreement that you will review, and when satisfactory, I will then present to your spouse. The marital settlement agreement includes all issues that need to be addressed so your divorce can be finalized. Key elements will include the distribution of marital assets and liabilities as well as the designation of nonmarital assets and liabilities. If you have children together, the agreement will address child custody and child support. If spousal support (alimony) is necessary for one spouse, that will be addressed clearly in the agreement. Once both parties agree and sign the agreement, I will prepare the necessary documents to finalize your divorce. I will then file those documents and divorce pleadings on your behalf and schedule the case for a very fast court hearing where we seek court approval for your uncontested divorce.

Fortunately, uncontested divorces require just five business days’ notice to get our final court hearing time slot in Broward County, Florida.

Post-Divorce Support Modifications

Ft. Lauderdale and Plantation residents who are recently divorced may need to modify your divorce settlement. This is common. When life circumstances change, it is financially advantageous to modify your court settlement agreement as soon as possible. Time is money! More about that in a minute…

Life is not static! Circumstances change. – If you or your ex-spouse have experienced significant changes, you might want to modify your family court order or divorce settlement. If you or your ex-spouse has changed jobs, children are now teenagers, cohabitating, wanting to remarry or relocate, it is time to discuss a modification.

You can benefit by having a Broward County support modification attorney represent you in matters of modification of alimony (decrease or increase), modification of child support, custody orders or other requirements specified in your final divorce settlement.

Getting a modification approved is not easy on your own! It is far easier and faster to call me, so we can get it submitted and approved ASAP! My experience makes the process faster. My affordable fees are usually completely offset by the increase in your income (PAYEE), or decreased in your payments (PAYER). Time is money! Literally. Legally.

If you procrastinate, or take months seeking a divorce decree modification, you lose. Modifications are NOT retroactive! Changes don’t take effect until you get Court approval.

FOR EXAMPLE – consider a spousal support modification. If, because of changed circumstances, you should be approved to receive $500 MORE per month –or– if you should be approved for paying $500 LESS per month, until your modification petition is approved, everything will remain the same.

Money, you should be GETTING, you won’t get. Payments that should be reduced, will not get smaller. If you are the PAYER and lost your job, should you stop making payments because you have no money, you are STILL responsible and will accrue a HUGE DEBT (plus interest) owing. If circumstances change, legally, it is ON YOU to request modification. UNTIL a modification is approved, the current divorce decree stands.

Do not put this off. Pick up the phone and call me now! As your Broward County support modification lawyer, I will quickly and expeditiously present your case to the Court. I will get your modification petition put together where it effectively proves the circumstances have changes sufficiently drastically that your requested modification will have the best possible shot at being approved.

Family Law Services for South Florida Individuals & Families

If you are a South Florida resident needing other family law services other than divorce or a post-divorce modification, I can help you with other family law matters such like getting a restraining order for domestic, spousal or child abuse, child custody, and so on.

Whether you are searching for a Ft. Lauderdale / Plantation divorce lawyer, need a restraining order, need help resolving spousal support, child support, or custody issues, I can help. Not only do I have the experience, I offer affordable legal representation to my clients. Not only do I carefully manage my time, I do not charge my clients for every minute detail. I become personally invested in offering great service and securing good outcomes for my clients.

Call (954) 797-5338, or use my handy Contact Form to schedule a free phone or sit-down initial consultation.

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